#DateNight: Try one or more of

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#DateNight: Try one or more of these romantic at-home ideas ?‍❤️‍?‍?

Don’t let the coronavirus outbreak squash your romance…keep the love spark alive between the two of you with these 10 date ideas.

#DateNight: Try one or more of

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Keep the spark alive by continuing to court your significant other. Here’s how you can set aside a regular date night to reconnect and revive your feelings.

Rather than feeling like your hands are tied and that you can’t make date night happen at all, consider an alternative: The “at-home date”.

Below are 10 ideas for enjoyable, easy-to-plan and inexpensive indoor dates you can try with your special someone.

1. Have your own movie marathon

We all have a lot of shows on our to-watch list these days, but make your TV time feel more special by branching outside your usual Netflix queue.

Cue up some of your childhood favourites, to share a piece of each other’s history. There’s more to home movies than binging on popcorn and a series!

2. Have an at-home photo shoot


Recreate the photoshoot experience at home with your partner behind the lens of the phone. Gather some props or get out clothing choices to give your pictures some flair.

3. Have a candy tasting


Satisfy your sweet tooth by stocking up on different colours of jellybeans, sour worms, gummy bears, liquorice and whatever else you and your partner are craving. Eat your way through the rainbow together and make date night so sweet!

4. Play a board or card game


A little friendly competition may actually draw the two of you closer. These games can be used to stretch your mental muscles in a new way, so blow the dust off a classic board or card game.

5. Indulge in an at-home spa day


Pamper your partner to feel closer together. Warm up some massage oil, run a bubble bath and put on soothing face masks. Once you have got your bodies feeling like butter, don’t forget to shower!

6. Eat take-out by candlelight


It is amazing what a little change in atmosphere can do to transform an everyday experience into something special. Order in from your favourite take-out, put a tablecloth on the table, light some candles, turn on some music and take the time to talk – you may be surprised how rejuvenating the meal will feel.

7. Plan a treasure hunt


Using sticky notes, write out clever clues that lead your partner to different locations around your home until they hunt down their thoughtful prize.

8. Play ‘Would You Rather’


Ask your partner the most out-there comparisons, challenging each other to come up with increasingly offbeat ideas. For a more tactile game, write your queries on little pieces of paper and throw them into a hat. Then alternate between asking and answering.

9. Assemble a puzzle together


If you have not put a puzzle together since you were in pre-school, pick one up and give it another try. Doing this with your significant other could be interesting, as puzzles have known cognitive benefits. You could be boosting your brain power while getting some quality time with your sweetie!

10. Have a backyard picnic


Set out a blanket with some pillows in your backyard, get out your flashlight and eat dinner or dessert under the stars. If the weather is up for it, enjoy your picnic under the sun.

Stay-in dates don’t require a lot of time or money but they can make a big impact in rekindling feelings of romance!