Baroka FC's Manuel Kambala

Laaaaddduummaa soccer goals: Baroka FC’s Manuel Kambala [watch]

The most iconic goals in soccer history featured here everyday, watch your favourite soccer stars make goooooaaaals that changed the game.

Baroka FC's Manuel Kambala

According to FIFA, modern soccer began in England around 1863. Since then, there have been countless memorable goooooaaaal moments that deserve their own hall of fame.

Here are some of the most iconic, memorable soccer goals of all time! Watch All of Kambala’s goals.

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Manuel Nhanga Kambala is a Mozambican footballer who plays as a midfielder for Baroka FC. They gave him the nickname “Lord” in respect with what he did in 2019/20 season in PSL.

Watch all of Kambala’s goals here!

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