Deon Fourie

Springbok veteran Deon Fourie. Image via Twitter @JohnPleasurre

Deon Fourie after RWC Final: ‘My head fell on her shoulder’

Deon Fourie reveals the intense physical and emotional toll of his Rugby World Cup win, sharing his exhaustion and exhilaration.

Deon Fourie

Springbok veteran Deon Fourie. Image via Twitter @JohnPleasurre

South African rugby star Deon Fourie knows the price of sporting glory. His unforgettable triumph at the Rugby World Cup in France was both exhilarating and punishing. A vital bench player in the final against the All Blacks, Fourie’s flexibility was his greatest strength. However, when a surprise injury to Bongi Mbonambi forced him onto the pitch within minutes, it was Fourie’s character and resilience that truly shone.

The veteran forward stepped into the fray at a relentless pace, his unanticipated role adding an unexpected layer to the already intense clash. This unyielding commitment paid off as South Africa made history, securing a back-to-back win and earning their fourth Webb Ellis Trophy.

Deon Fourie Reflects on the Intensity

Speaking on the “Behind the Ruck” podcast, Fourie revealed the personal side of victory. His Rugby World Cup debut doubled as his first match against New Zealand, a baptism of fire that included experiencing the spine-tingling spectacle of the haka.

“That [early entry] wasn’t the plan,” Fourie admitted. “The strategy was for Bongi to play the full 80 minutes. But we always had that one player ready, just in case. Kwagga [Smith] trained at scrumhalf and wing, we covered every scenario. I was the one left in case anything happened.”

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Adding to the pressure, Fourie had carried a shoulder injury sustained in the nail-biting semi-final against England. Despite the odds, he fought valiantly for every second in the game’s gruelling final moments. “Those last five minutes were incredibly stressful,” he shared.

Rugby Win Brings Sweet Exhaustion

“There was no wild celebration when I saw my wife afterward,” Fourie recounted. “My head fell on her shoulder, and I just said, ‘liefie… I’m knackered’. The exhaustion hit me like a wave, and all I could do was rest.”

Fourie’s candid account highlights the blend of mental fortitude and physical sacrifice required at the highest levels of professional rugby. His journey is a testament to both his raw talent and his unbreakable spirit.