Huge crowds came out to celebrate the Springboks Rugby World Cup success with their team. Image via X (Twitter) @springboks

Springbok Rugby World Cup success: A beacon of hope for Mzansi

Springbok Rugby World Cup success is a desperately needed beacon of hope for South Africans that very few outsiders can ever comprehend.


Huge crowds came out to celebrate the Springboks Rugby World Cup success with their team. Image via X (Twitter) @springboks

It might sound like an overstatement that the two consecutive Rugby World Cup succeses is more than just rugby. For the greater South African population though, this is a reality.

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A desperately needed unifier

In a country with so many divisive influences, the Springboks have defied a lot of political influences. From being close to pariah status after 1994, they have become the darlings of a nation. Success that a nation without much to celebrate can celebrate together.

There are still some who try to put a damper on that success for their own gain. The celebration and adulation that was on display during the Rugby World Cup roadshow was enough to show what the bulk of South Africans seek. Success.

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Hope for a chance of upliftment

For a nation where poverty is a reality for many millions of people, the examples of Makazola Mapimpi and Siya Kolisi are an inspiration. Rugby can be a gateway out of poverty. They are a symbol of hope for every child, no matter what their situation.

Underdogs can also win

South Africans know that they are always the underdogs. Politically. Financially. Popularity. Even during this Rugby World Cup campaign, it was obvious that World Rugby wanted France to win it. The fact that the best technical bid, South Africa’s, was discounted was the early warning sign. It should not be forgotten that they hosted the Rugby World Cup as recently as 2007.

If not France, the All Blacks would be a decent alternative. The only reason for this is marketing value and revenue generation. The underdogs poking the establishment in the eye and derailing their marketing plans is what South Africans feed on. 

Being relevant by being different

If you can’t be the popular kid, being the disruptors who play for a much higher cause than World Rugby’s quest for money and TV ratings is a good place to be. Being a distruptor by winning tournaments that is an inconveniece to World Rugby’s plans. By playing succesful tournament rugby. By being innovative within the laws of the game. 

That innovation is what South Africans thrive on and gives them hope that success against larger, more cash rich nations. 

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Rugby World Cup results matter

Detractors, podcast commentators or sour journalists want to paint the Springboks as cheats, boring, playing against the spirit of the game, slowing the game down. Unfairly so as they offer hollow words and not facts. They can keep on painting that picture if they want to, but one thing is for certain.

There will be four Rugby World Cup wins recorded on the Springbok jersey come the next Rugby World Cup in Australia in 2027.