Damian Penaud

Cheslin Kolbe’s epic charged down. Photo: Backpagepix

Damian Penaud adopts rival’s secret play

Discover how Damian Penaud, inspired by Springbok Cheslin Kolbe, adopted a World Cup tactic, showcasing innovation in rugby’s strategic play.

Damian Penaud

Cheslin Kolbe’s epic charged down. Photo: Backpagepix

Damian Penaud Learns from Rugby’s Best

Rugby, a sport of physical prowess and strategic acumen, sees players continually evolve their tactics. France’s winger, Damian Penaud, embodies this spirit of adaptation. In a keen display of strategic insight, Penaud has incorporated a pivotal play from South African wing Cheslin Kolbe, highlighting the dynamic and intercontinental flow of rugby strategies​​.

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The Game-Changing Moment: World Cup Quarterfinals

Recalling the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals, South Africa triumphed over France, with Kolbe’s tactic playing a decisive role. In a tight game, Kolbe charged down a conversion kick by Thomas Ramos, swaying the game’s outcome.

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This critical move not only showcased Kolbe’s agility but also his tactical intelligence, which ultimately led to France’s narrow defeat​​​​.

Implementing Kolbe’s Tactic: Damian Penaud’s Strategic Play

Inspired by Kolbe, Penaud tried to replicate this tactic in Bordeaux’s Top 14 game against La Rochelle. He targeted Antoine Hastoy’s conversion attempt, employing a high-speed charge.

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Although he didn’t block the kick, Penaud’s effort effectively disrupted Hastoy’s concentration, leading to a missed conversion. This instance demonstrated Penaud’s adaptability and the importance of psychological warfare on the rugby field​​.

Bordeaux’s Mixed Fortunes Despite Penaud’s Efforts

Penaud’s strategic play contributed significantly to Bordeaux’s initial lead. The team led 21-8 at one point, buoyed by tries from Nicolas Depoortere and Penaud himself.

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However, rugby’s unpredictable nature came to the fore as Bordeaux eventually succumbed to La Rochelle, with the final score at 25-21. This match highlighted not just Penaud’s individual brilliance but also the collective effort required in rugby​​.