Colombia World Cup

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Colombia fans find a genius way to sneak vodka into the stadium [video]

“Nothing to see here, officer. Just a regular pair of binoculars.”

Colombia World Cup

Twitter / @MartinSantosR

They may have lost their game against Japan on Monday, but Colombia’s fans were the real winners off the pitch after their vodka smuggling technique went viral.

That’s the beauty of the World Cup. As dramatic and enthralling as the action is on the pitch, the fervent supporters find ways to make it even more brilliant.

On Wednesday, we were celebrating the kind-hearted gesture made by Senegal fans, when they stayed behind after their encounter with Poland to help clean up the Spartak Stadium in Russia.

As for now, we’re in awe of the South Americans’ scheme. Hopefully, these guys have an invitation from MENSA waiting for them when they get back home. You’ve probably never seen alcohol sneaked into a stadium via some hollowed-out binoculars. That is, until today.

Watch Colombia fans sneak vodka into the stadium here:

Amazing. Although fans are allowed to buy drinks inside the ground, the World Cup isn’t exactly known for its thrifty pricing.

These fans were desperate to continue the party on a budget inside the Mordovia Arena in Saransk. If only their team had shown as much ingenuity as their supporters.

World Cup Results, Group H

Colombia were defeated 2-1 by Japan in their first Group H game. Carlos Sanchez’s deliberate handball in the third minute earned him a straight red card. It was the second-quickest dismissal in World Cup history.

Colombia face a must-win match against Poland on Sunday night at the Kazan Arena. The latter also lost their opening game 2-1, when they were defeated by Senegal.

Our advice to Polish fans? Don’t ask to borrow a Columbian’s binoculars for a better view of the game. It really will only end in tears. And a super-quick inebriation.