Cheetahs win the Currie Cup: H

Cheetahs win the Currie Cup: How Twitter reacted

The Blue Bulls were mauled by rampant Cheetahs during the Currie Cup final in Bloemfontein. The Cheetahs won 36-16 after leading 18-9 at half-time. Here’s what the good people of the internet had to say.

Cheetahs win the Currie Cup: H

1. You might want to consider a trip to your doctor with that.

2. Even Eskom managed to do their bit.

3. Hark, a naysayer!

4. Prose from the poet that knows it.

5. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

6. Yes, because that’s all that matters.

7. We have good times all round.

8. Some hefty Bok backing right here.

9. Other people would be inspired, but hey ho.

10. Rugby fun. Wahey!

11. Heh. That’ll do the trick. Just don’t strike a match.

12. It has been the referee’s fault since the dawn of time.

13. And there they were indaba-ing it up instead.

14. When mascots come to life…

15. You’ve got to Rand it to him, that’s pretty good.