SASSA fraud something to repor

SASSA fraud something to report this holiday

SASSA is in charge of the country’s social grants, but this doesn’t mean everyone is ethical. Here’s where to report fraud this holiday.

SASSA fraud something to repor

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is in charge of administering social grants to South Africans who are in need, but this doesn’t mean that everything within the system is ethical

Many people attempt to exploit the system with false details, or take possession of someone else’s SASSA card (or social grant) for their own means.

This is fraud, and it is something you should keep an eye out for this holiday season.

Christmas can be a time when fraud is on the increase, and when criminals are more likely to be on the prowl for victims who are vulnerable.

Here is how to spot SASSA fraud, and what you can do to report it anonymously.

SASSA fraud something to report this holiday

Fraud is something that you should report during any time of the year, but holidays are an especially popular time for scammers and criminals.

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Social grant fraud can affect anyone, and has a lasting impact on rightful South Africans who should receive their social grants.

All forms of fraud are criminal, and can be reported to the South African Police Service (SAPS) – and to the relevant government agency.

What is SASSA fraud?

SASSA fraud can mean several things.


The first form of social grant fraud is when someone applies for a grant with wrongful or misleading details.

Another form of social grant fraud is when someone withholds access to a rightful recipient’s grant (or card).

If you are not supposed to claim (or use) the grant or card, then it is a crime. Only a grant recipient may use their own card.

SASSA: Fraud hotline details

If you recognize the signs of social grant fraud, it is possible to make an anonymous report to the relevant authorities.

Reporting fraud is important, because it means that something can be done about the problem – and someone in South Africa is grateful, because they can receive their rightful grant in the correct way.

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The first thing you should do is contact the Fraud Hotline, which you can be redirected to by calling the National Hotline for the social grant agency.

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According to the Government website, the fraud hotline can be reached at +27 80 060 1011

Other contact details

Other contact details for the social grant agency can be found directly at their website, or enquiries can be sent to the agency via email to the following main address: