Zuma’s Jan 8 speech shows the

Zuma’s Jan 8 speech shows the ANC is “beyond the point of no return.”Maimane

The ANC will be electing a new party and state president in December, but that might be too late, as experts believe the damage might be irreversible… the DA seems to agree.

Zuma’s Jan 8 speech shows the

So the ANC managed to fill up Orlando Stadium this time around, but things still didn’t quite pan out the way the NEC would have hoped. While Zuma delivered his last January 8 speech as president and, according to some analysts it ‘ticked all the boxes’ the words rang somewhat hollow coming from him.

The Democratic Alliance too, noticed a very different tone to the ruling party’s previous birthdays and opposition leader Mmusi Maimane went as ffar as predicting the end of the ANC.

“The ANC showed today that it is beyond the point of no return. Jacob Zuma’s speech… was the tell-tale last gasp of a dying organisation,” Maimane said.

Disregarding Zuma’s speech as nothing more than looking at a shitty situation through “rose-tinted” glasses, the DA leader said the president would have had more luck had he been more honest in his speech.


“While the rest of the country is looking forward, the ANC can only but fondly recall its former glories,” Maimane said, adding that the DA is ready to move into the Union buildings as the new ruling party after the 2019 general elections.

“Come 2019, we aim to occupy the Union Buildings to revive the national project of building a united, non-racial and prosperous South Africa for all who live in it.”