Zuma trial court

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Zuma trial latest: Did Msholozi just win big in court? It’s debatable…

Stalingrad is back in business: Jacob Zuma and his team are claiming a court victory on Tuesday, but his corruption case is far from settled.

Zuma trial court

Photo: Twitter

Jacob Zuma has had a torrid time in court recently – so it perhaps comes as no surprise that Tuesday’s verdict in the virtual proceedings for his corruption trial now feels like a major victory in his camp.

Zuma trial: What decision was made on Tuesday 20 July?

After applying to the judiciary for a postponement in his corruption case, Team Zuma argued that Msholozi must be granted the right to defend himself physically in court, rather than the online alternative. Current Level 4 lockdown restrictions have hampered efforts to gather everyone in the dock, and Dali Mpofu was happy to exploit this region.

The controversial lawyer, who continues to represent Mr. Zuma, spent the best part of Monday reasoning why exactly his client should only attend court proceedings in person. His arguments seemingly did enough to convince Judge Koen that the defence had a valid point, and sure enough, the trial was pushed back to 10 August.

Has Jacob Zuma won in court?

Assuming that COVID-19 restrictions are eased by this date, Msholozi will then have to face the music, in just a few weeks’ time. But can this postponement – something that Mpofu and his colleagues were desperate to secure – be classed as a ‘legal triumph’ for Zuma and co? His Foundation seems to think so…

“The Constitution has prevailed! There can be NO virtual criminal proceedings in the absence of an accused person who is unable to consult with his lawyers See you at PMB High Court on Monday 10 August. Long Live The Constitution!”

‘A postponement is being treated like a victory’

Alleged riot instigator, Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, has also been celebrating the verdict. Jacob Zuma’s daughter still called the judiciary a ‘captured establishment’, but placed her prejudice on one side to label this decision as an ‘historic one’. A postponement, by no means, indicates that a case has been won – but you try telling that to Duduzile…

“For the first time in the history of SA’s Sixth Parliament, my father has won a case. I was not expecting it. I thought justice was for everyone except Jacob Zuma. Congratulations to the legal team for winning the application. It’s hard to represent someone who has judges bending laws to settle political scores.” | Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla