Zuma says interfering with the

Zuma says interfering with the Gordhan investigation would ‘turn SA into a Banana Republic’

In his Q&A session in the NCOP yesterday Zuma was pressed on the Gordhan/NPA issue and, while admitting that the issue is concerning, the president maintained that he cannot interfere.

Zuma says interfering with the

In a relatively uneventful ‘questions to the president’ sitting – save for the EFF’s antics, which got them into a bit of a tussle with parliamentary security –, Zuma told those present that he couldn’t intervene in the fraud investigation against finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

Zuma was asked about how the NPA’s investigation of Gordhan would affect SA’s economic stability; and while the president admitted that the matter concerned everyone and that economic stability is more important now than ever, he was adamant that his hands are tied.

‘I think if this president was to interfere in any matter either of Chapter 9 institutions or other institutions, then it would be closer to a banana republic’.