petrol price

Petrol pump / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Zim fuel crisis: Queue in Harare stretched 2KM after Mnangagwa announced colossal increases [video]

An overnght increase that will surely hurt Zimbabwean pockets.

petrol price

Petrol pump / Image via Wikimedia Commons

If the situation outside a Zuva petrol station, in Harare, was an allegory of the current situation in Zimbabwe, then one could surmise that nothing has changed for our neighbours since the 2017 coup d’etat.

Emmerson Mnangagwa reveals sudden increase in fuel prices

The recently-elected president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, revealed, on Saturday, revealed that there would be a dramatic increase in fuel prices the next day.

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“These prices are predicated on the ruling official exchange rate of 1:1 between the Bond Note and the United States Dollar, and also on the need to keep fuel retailers viable. Guests of Government by way of foreign missions and other registered foreign bodies, and tourists will fuel and refuel at designated points at the price of $1.24 (R17.16) per litre for diesel and $2.32 (R32.10) per litre for petrol, upon production of proper identification documents,” he noted in his statement.

Often, a government would reveal such news a week or two prior to the price increase but that was not the focal point in yesterday’s news. Everyone was astounded by the rate of increase and the reason attached to this, as we are at a period where, globally, fuel prices are on a steady and healthy decline.

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‘Not much has changed in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe’

Before Sunday, 13 January, fuel prices in Zimbabwe stood at Z$1.32 (R18.84) for petrol and Z$1.25 (R17.29) for diesel. However, to the detriment of the people who believed that they were voting for change, Mnangagwa revealed that petrol prices would rise to Z$3.31 (R45.79) for petrol and Z$3.11 (R43.03) for diesel.

Although this will most certainly have an adverse effect on the way businesses respond to this, Mngangagwa, according to My Zimbabwe News, assured his people that the increase would not see price hikes in the retail environment.

This is the reason why, on Saturday, the Zuva petrol station, in Harare, was one of the busiest the world has ever seen. According to Bulawayo24, motorists were queued to fill up their tanks before the increase took effect at the stroke of midnight.

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David Coltart, a Human Rights lawyer, was left astounded seeing a queue for petrol that stretched for about 2KM at a time when Zimbabwe is meant to be experiencing a positive transition since the coup d’etat in 2017.

“Is there anyone truly objective and rational who can sensibly argue that there has been any meaningful change in Zimbabwe since the 2017 coup? This video taken [on Saturday] illustrates my point.”

Although it has not yet been verified by Guinness World Book of Records, it can be said that this is the longest queue for petrol the world has ever seen.

Watch: Motorists in Harare wait in 2KM queue for petrol