raining spiders brazil video

Photo: Video screenshot

Watch: In Brazil, it rains spiders from the sky [video]

Over in Brazil, a video which makes it look like it is raining spiders has gone viral. Turns out, it’s all an optical illusion.

raining spiders brazil video

Photo: Video screenshot

We’ve all seen some terrifying things fall from the sky. And we all know nature can be a pretty mean beast.

Take this example from over in Brazil where it looks like it’s actually raining spiders.

Woah. Yeah. Take a step back and let’s go from the start. Remember now, settle down and read the whole thing.

The video, published by The Guardian this week and filmed in Minas Gerais in southern Brazil, reveals an utterly incredible phenomenan.

These spiders are Parawixia bistriata, a rare ‘social’ spider that works together to build their webs high up. The intricate and fine web is almost invisible to the naked eye, which results in the visual seen in the video.

The spiders are actually just chilling and waiting for their dinner. And while it looks like a scene from the end of days, it’s actually something that happens in this region during the hot and humid summer months all the time.

Incredibly, the webs can be as big as four metres wide. Even better? The spiders are harmless to humans. In fact, you want them around because they catch flies and mozzies.

The footage was filmed by João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, who was traveling to his grandparents’ farm in Espírito Santo do Dourado, about 250 km north-east of São Paulo. He said he was “stunned and scared” to see lots of black dots in the sky, The Guardian reports.

His grandmother Jercina Martinelli, told local paper Terra Do Mandu: “There were many more webs and spiders than you can see in the video. We’ve seen this before, always at dusk on days when it’s been really hot.”

Watch: When it rains spiders in Brazil

Life lesson for all of us? Perspective matters.