Women helping women makes wave

Women helping women makes waves across South Africa

When two cousins started the campaign two months ago, they never imagined the love and helpfulness would have spread so far so quickly.

Women helping women makes wave

Cleone Prodromos and her cousin started Get Up Woman just two months ago and have been overwhelmed by the support they have encountered. The aim of the campaign is to connect women who can help, to women who need help, whether it’s in the form of a listening ear, a lift somewhere, or some food.

The 3500-strong membership is already making changes in the lives of women who have a need. Prodromos says, “We feel that the support for middle class average South African women is non-existent. Our plan is to change that. The single mom, the one income family, or the below-the-breadline family – that’s where we feel we need to focus.”

Get Up Woman will not accept donations, as they do not wish to be classed as a charity. “Once we register as a charity it gets dictated to us who we can and cannot help. We feel that all women, regardless of race, income or situation should be helped, so our plan is to continue Get Up Woman as a networking company.”

Currently based in Jo’burg, the women want to spread their wings to Cape Town, Durban, and PE in the near future. Events are held to give women a boost in whatever area of their life they may be struggling – they can form friendships, promote their company or bounce ideas around. The funds that are earned from the events are used to help women in need.

Their first event raised enough funding to feed seven families, find work for some women, and clothes for children in need.

“Ladies on our closed group on Facebook share the intimate details of their lives to help inspire and motivate others. A certain magic happens when they share. Women reading the stories find solace and comfort in knowing the life struggles they face they do not face alone.“