Mom blogger collects 1000 book

Mom blogger collects 1000 books to help build library at Manenberg school

Isn’t it amazing what happens when people work together to a common goal?

Mom blogger collects 1000 book

Last year, Red River Primary received a new building for their school from the National Education Department. With it, came the space for a new library.

The problem was that they had no books. But that wasn’t going to stop it from happening. A Cape Town mother of eight and avid book lover took to her blog site Se7en (who prefers to remain anonymous on her blog) to try and collect as many books as possible to help populate the new library.

News24 reports:

Along with NGOs Biblionef SA and the St James Educational Trust, an NGO that partners with the school, the three groups combined efforts to help fill the shelves, with the school’s blessing.

Three months later and 20 boxes with over 1000 books had been collected from all around the world to help make the library a reality.  The books were delivered on Wednesday.

“The staff and kids were very quiet at first, but their excitement grew as the boxes were opened,” said a spokesperson for the St James Educational Trust.

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The library will also play an important part to create a safe space for the youth of a deeply troubled community.

“The library becomes important when there is violence in the community,” the St James trust spokesperson said.

“A visit to a community library can be dangerous and fatal as children negotiate streets. We wanted a library on the school’s premises.

“It is situated within the safe confines of the school, where kids can access great books to read for pleasure, but also to access resources for research.”