Woman sustained fatal burns in PMB house fire

Photo: Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services

Woman sustained fatal burns in PMB house fire

Paramedics said a woman had sustained fatal burns and was declared dead on the scene in Pietermaritzburg over the weekend.

Woman sustained fatal burns in PMB house fire

Photo: Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services

A woman was killed in a house fire in Pietermaritzburg over the weekend.


According to Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services, they were alerted to the house fire in Copesville just before 10:00 on Saturday.

“Mi7 teams found that family members, along with members of the community, had managed to remove one patient from the house and contain the fire,” it said in a statement.


Paramedics assessed the woman who was removed from the house, but unfortunately, she had sustained extensive fatal burns and was declared dead on the scene.

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“We extend our condolences to the loved ones of the deceased.”


Meanwhile, on Thursday, a woman sustained burn injuries in an unrelated house fire in the Glenwood area.

“Just after 11:00, a Mi7 Reaction Officer, while on regular patrols, spotted smoke emanating from the Glenwood area.

“The Reaction Officer followed the smoke trail and found a house on fire,” it said.

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Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services was immediately dispatched, and firefighters were already en route.

Woman sustained fatal burns in PMB house fire
Photo: Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services

It furthermore said a 40-year-old woman sustained moderate burn injuries and was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital.


“Firefighters quickly got the fire under control before any further injuries occurred.”

Here are some tips if your house catches on fire:

1. Get the fire extinguisher.

If you hear the sound of the fire alarm in your home, do not ignore it but go for your fire extinguisher as a one-stop preventive measure. This singular act can help curb the fire instantly, but if your effort proves abortive after using the fire extinguisher, leave the scene immediately. Fire extinguishers are very important and should be installed in every house, whether private or commercial.

2. Raise an alarm.

Inform others in the house of the fire by screaming out loud. Do not rely on smoke detectors and alarms to inform others, as they might sometimes malfunction due to battery faults and other reasons.

3. Call the fire department.

Pick up your phone and call the fire department on 031-361-0000 after leaving the property. Do not stop inside the house to search for your mobile device as you could get caught up in the flames. Rush out and ask neighbours or a passerby to help you call the fire department.

4. Leave valuables behind.

When in a fire, never delay finding the best possible escape route from a burning house to find valuables. You can always notify the fire safety officers when they arrive at such valuables by describing their last known location.

5. Stop, drop and roll.

If your clothes catch on fire, do not run, simply drop to the floor and roll over onto your back to extinguish the fire. Always crawl and remain close to the ground to keep you away from the high temperature and thick smoke from the fire. Stay low until you escape the burning house.

6. Cover your nose.

Cover your nose with a shirt or a damp towel during a house fire. This will prevent smoke from entering your lungs. Also cover the faces of children as much as possible, especially when helping to get them to safety. Lastly do not run into a room filled with smoke or flames – doing that means running into massive danger.

7. Close doors.

Once you crawl out of a room, close the door behind you. Research has proven that closing doors prevent the fire from spreading, which simply means the fire will be relegated to a spot for a while.

8. Rest outside.

Once you are out of the house, stay out. Even if you have left your animals or property behind, do not enter a burning house. Notify the fire department officers immediately if you believe people or pets are still in the house and direct them to where they could be.

9. Safety evacuation spot.

After the evacuation, meet the rest of the family members in a pre-determined location and remain there until everyone in the household is rescued. This is done to prevent fire officers from searching for people who are already out of the fire.