Ukraine Wine

Top winemakers are running an auction for Ukrainian civilians Photo: Timur Saglambilek / Pexels

LifeWINE? Industry rallies together to help the people of Ukraine

Top winemakers from around the world have united for a charity auction to help the people of Ukraine. Here’s how you can get involved.

Ukraine Wine

Top winemakers are running an auction for Ukrainian civilians Photo: Timur Saglambilek / Pexels

Top winemakers from around the world are rallying together to help the people of Ukraine, who have been impacted by the ongoing crisis with Russia. The industry has decided to run an auction but not just any auction…one so many people around the world can relate to and that’s wine.


Crurated, an exclusive membership wine community-based in the UK, has committed to dedicating the week of 14 – 20 March 2022 for The All Heart Auction which is an online event auctioning rare wines from world-renowned producers to help humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Louis Roederer Cristal, Domaine Meo-Camuzet and Domaine Dujac are among the prolific winemakers donating bottles to the effort. The pre-auction value of the bottles on offer totals $100 000 which is more than R1 million.

Unfortunately, no South African winemakers are participating in the effort, as Curated focuses on French and Italian wines, however, South African bidders are welcome to participate if they wish. All proceeds will be distributed evenly between Red Cross, Save The Children, UNHCR, and UNICEF.

Alfonso de Gaetano, the founder of Crurated, said:

“It has been amazing watching the world unite to help the people of Ukraine. Our auction initiative represents how I feel about wine and its ability to offer such a generous gift to the world. Our platform is also perfectly suited for this initiative because we automatically assign an NFT for every bottle that is brought into our warehouse and loaded onto the platform. We are anticipating an exciting auction with generous donors pitching in to help lessen the humanitarian crisis.”


The use of NFT technology makes the auction particularly appealing to high profile donors. Every client receives a blockchain-based NFT that verifies the authenticity of the bottle and provides other details such as ownership history, vintage, vineyard location and varietal. The bottle history is then updated via a new blockchain recording whenever the bottle is resold and the token moves from one client to another.

Jean-Nicolas & Nathalie Méo, of Meo-Camuzet, winemakers who are participating in the auction have said:

“We have had a special link to Ukraine for more than 20 years and have sponsored a charitable event to help young dancers and their families in Lviv. We’ve also raised funds for the Lviv pediatric hospital. Some of the children we had at home for summer vacation are probably old enough to be fighting now, and we dread the thought of their involvement in this war. We hope that the very special wines we have donated for the auction will receive an appropriate welcome and help support the needs of the Ukrainian civilians.”