Sihle Zikalala Hard Lockdown Christmas

Photo: GCIS

Hard lockdown for Christmas? KZN Premier threatens ‘festive shutdown’

Will South Africa experience a digital Christmas this year? Sihle Zikalala fears that COVID complacency will put the country into a festive ‘hard lockdown’.

Sihle Zikalala Hard Lockdown Christmas

Photo: GCIS

Sihle Zikalala, the KZN Premier, refused to mince his words on Sunday after he suggested that the implementation of a hard lockdown could occur again over Christmas. Blaming a lack of adherence to the regulations of Level 1, the senior ANC figure said that the country’s rising infection rates were a major source of concern.

Will South Africa have another hard lockdown?

Speaking to the media, Premier Zikalala said that the statistics will soon support the case for hard lockdown. Fearing that the second wave of coronavirus will be worse than the first, the political veteran is urging citizens to keep their guard high:

“Looking at the statistics, we can definitely say we’ll be going back to hard lockdown if there’s no urgent or drastic change. The second wave of COVID-19 will be strongly and deadlier. It will deal our economy a major blow.”

“We must do everything to avoid this, and business stakeholders – particularly those in hospitality – must ensure Level 1 rules are adhered to. There is no use in chasing profits, only to be shut-down by a hard lockdown in the future.”

Sihle Zikalala

“Ke Dezemba” in jeopardy

So, could South Africa be slapped with a hard lockdown over Christmas? Sihle Zikalala seems to think so:

  • The KZN Premier has warned that a hard lockdown will be in place for the festive season, if “reckless behaviour” continues.
  • He fears that people will “continue to disregard social distancing regulations”, at a crucial time for the country.
  • He’s slammed the “carefree attitude” shown by some South Africans.
  • The Premier makes the anecdotal claim that “many don’t bother wearing masks”, and that there have been too many large gatherings.
  • Zikalala says some booze outlets are breaking the rules by trading during weekends – warning alcohol sellers to obey the law.
  • Nothing says “Christmas cheer” like the deployment of COVID inspectors: Zikalala wants them in place to enforce greater compliance.