Angelo Agrizzi court bail

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How Angelo Agrizzi plans to ‘get himself out of jail’ on Monday

Angelo Agrizzi’s lawyers will be doing his bidding in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday – but what will they argue to secure bail for their client?

Angelo Agrizzi court bail

Photo: Flickr

Angelo Agrizzi and his representatives will officially ignite their bid to secure his temporary freedom on Monday. The High Court in Johannesburg will hear an application from lawyers to overturn the denial of bail to their client.

Bosasa kingpin fights for his freedom – and his life

Sindisiwe Twala is a spokesperson for the Investigating Directorate. He has confirmed that that the appeal will go ahead at 10:00 today, and Agrizzi’s lawyers will have to convince the state that the convicted former Bosasa executive can be trusted to comply with bail requirements – despite previous violations:

“The High Court of South Africa will, on Monday, hear the bail appeal application from Angelo Agrizzi. He has been incarcerated since 14 October, after the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court refused him bail. He was then moved to a state hospital after his medical condition worsened.”

“The Investigating Directorate contended that Agrizzi had lied in his previous bail affidavit, where he told the courts he had movable assets of R2.6 million. His true position stands at something more like R36 million. His appeal will be heard at 10:00.”

Sindisiwe Twala

Angelo Agrizzi: The main arguments for bail

Angelo Agrizzi will not be in the courtroom himself, following the heart attack he suffered last week. The one-time star witness at the State Capture Inquiry will see his case made in absentia, and the argument for his release rests on three key factors:

  • The legal team aims to convince the bench that their client is not a flight risk, as previously asserted.
  • Agrizzi’s lawyer Daniel Witz argues that the ex-Bosasa chief has been treated “inhumanely” by the state.
  • The court will also hear how the conditions Agrizzi is being guarded under at the hospital were not conducive for his health.