F1 Abu Dhabi finale

Will Gaza conflict scupper the F1 Abu Dhabi finale? Picture: File/Fotor.

Will Gaza conflict compromise F1 Abu Dhabi finale?

Formula 1 has hit back at suggestions that F1 Abu Dhabi finale to 2023 season could be called off due to the Gaza conflict.

F1 Abu Dhabi finale

Will Gaza conflict scupper the F1 Abu Dhabi finale? Picture: File/Fotor.

Questions over the F1 Abu Dhabi finale have been swirling around the Interlagos paddock this weekend. With the Sprint race tonight and Brazilian GP tomorrow, rumours are that the FIA will axe the F1 Abu Dhabi finale because of the situation in Israel-Palestine.

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Jeremy Satis, correspondent from Auto Hebdo France, believes the rumour was triggered by travel advice issued in the United Arab Emirates. The British Foreign Office concluded earlier this week that the risk of terrorist attacks in the UAE is very likely. It added that Hamas terrorists have made specific references to attacking ‘western interests’ across the Gulf region.


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Satis reported that, “Formula 1 denied the rumours of cancellation on Thursday, stating that the Abu Dhabi GP will take place on November 26 as planned.” F1 has gone ahead with other races in the region, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, in recent years despite similar travel warnings.

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Organisers of the F1 Abu Dhabi finale at Yas Marina also denied the rumours. “We can confirm that Abu Dhabi GP 2023 will take place as planned. We are working with our partners to ensure this year’s F1 finale runs as smoothly and safely as possible for everyone attending, with final preparations well underway at Yas Marina.” – with GMM.

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