Hijacking warning for delivery drivers

New hijacking warning for delivery drivers. Picture: File/Fotor.

Same-day THREAT: New hijacking warning for delivery drivers

Shifty criminals continue to refine their methods. Now there’s a hijacking warning for delivery driver/riders.

Hijacking warning for delivery drivers

New hijacking warning for delivery drivers. Picture: File/Fotor.

According to a report from Business Tech, using data from Tracker, the firm has issued a hijacking warning for delivery drivers in the country. Here’s what the criminals are doing …

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Ecommerce is on the increase in South Africa, with companies like Amazon joining the fray to take on established players like Takealot. However, with new opportunity comes risk. And according to Tracker, hijackers and criminals are targeting delivery riders/drivers in South Africa.


Hijacking warning for delivery drivers
Image by rawpixel

A big drawcard to eCommerce is same-day delivery. People want their goods as soon as possible. However, this need for immediacy has also paved the way from increased criminal behaviour. Left unchecked, these crimes could negate the positive impact of eCommerce for both small and large businesses.

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Many businesses that make use of delivery drivers are small enterprises. The driver may be an external supplier running a small business, as well. The threat of hijacking could seriously jeopardise their livelihoods and ability to put food on the table.

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“Regrettably, crime aimed at online deliveries is highly lucrative. Whether the objective is acquiring the delivered goods, seizing cash or commandeering the delivery vehicle itself. The total number of courier hijackings increased compared to the prior three-month period and has been steadily increasing for the past few years,” Tracker said.


Hijacking warning for delivery drivers
Image: pexel

Interestingly, the hijacking warning for delivery drivers is not itself opportunistic crime. Tracker believes the increased attacks on delivery drivers/riders in South Africa are premeditated, planned and systematic.

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This sort of crime doesn’t only cost the business. The knock-on effects impact the traumatised driver/rider and the patron who has lost goods. Thirdly there is an insurance issue which could lead to an increase in delivery prices. It’s the opposite of a victimless crime … it’s more like a three-in-one crime.


Hijacking warning for delivery drivers
Image by Pexels.

For any eCommerce company that makes use of delivery drivers, Tracker recommends the following:

  • Present a safety checklist on how to avoid any incidents.
  • Have insurance to cover unforeseen expenses.
  • Offer access to services like trauma counselling.
  • Encourage drivers/riders to report incidents as soon as possible.
  • Adopt preventative technology like onboard dashcams and vehicle tracking.

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What do you think of this hijacking warning for delivery drivers? Are you a delivery rider/driver that’s been impacted by crime? Be sure to share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow us @TheSANews on X and The South African on Facebook for the latest updates.