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Calls for Zweli Mkhize ‘to face State Capture Inquiry’ growing – here’s why

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize is accused of being involved in ‘large-scale corruption’ – and the DA believe there’s a strong case against him.

latest news in south africa

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

The DA has pinpointed their focus on Health Minister Zweli Mkhize this week, claiming that he should be the next high-profile ANC member on DCJ Raymond Zondo’s hit-list for the State Capture Inquiry. The opposition party believes that Mkhize has his fingerprints all over a grubby PRASA deal.

Why might Zweli Mkhize face the State Capture Inquiry

Infamously, PRASA had splashed-out on a set of locomotives that were essentially ‘too big’ to fit on South Africa’s rail network. The farce has come to epitomise the sheer greed and incompetency that ran riot during the years of state capture, and the DA’s Chief Whip – Natasha Mazzone – thinks the buck stops with Dr. Mkhize.

In a statement issued on Monday, Mazzone outlined her case:

  • There are allegations that Mkhize facilitated payments to the ANC from a beneficiary of the R3.5 billion PRASA contract.
  • This formed part of an infamous deal, where the carriages purchased were deemed ‘unsuitable’ for South Africa’s railways. 
  • Lucky Montana previously claimed that Minister Mkhize nominated which bank accounts PRASA had to pay, to ‘benefit’ the ANC
  • Maria Gomes, a beneficiary of the contract for the trains that were too big for our railways, was in charge of those payments.
  • It’s alleged that this happened on a number of occasions – when the Minister visited Gomes’ home with Montana.

Natasha Mazzone slams health minister for ‘large-scale corruption’

Should Raymond Zondo heed the advice of Natasha Mazzone, the terms of any potential grilling will be centred on his PRASA dealings. Zweli Mkhize has previously been accused of receiving money from ‘ANC blesser’ and businessman Edwin Sodi – but strenuously denies any wrongdoing. The DA, however, are still gunning for the minister.

“The extent of brazen involvement by Ministers and senior politicians within the ANC is very upsetting. The economic crisis, the rampant hunger and hopelessness, the rising joblessness and growing crime rates can all be directly linked to state capture and the rotten core of the ANC that is increasingly being exposed.”

“After Covid corruption became so obvious that President Cyril Ramaphosa could no longer ignore it, he claimed to have drawn a line in the sand’. If the President wants to be taken seriously at all, he must also ensure in this case that an investigation is launched into the large-scale corruption in which his current Minister of Health was allegedly involved.”

Natasha Mazzone