Thabang Setona ward councillor ANC

Photo: Gallo Images/Sowetan/Alon Skuy

Thabang Setona: ANC nominates violent BLF protester as ward councillor

If these are the people running to be ward councillors, we despair: In 2018, Thabang Setona violently kicked a woman – but he still has support in the ANC.

Thabang Setona ward councillor ANC

Photo: Gallo Images/Sowetan/Alon Skuy

This can get right in the bin. Thabang Setona, the thug who brutally kicked a 52-year-old woman during a BLF march in 2018, has seemingly found forgiveness within the ANC – after he was nominated to run as a ward councillor in Hillbrow.

Thabang Setona: Woman-beater nominated for ANC role

The former ANC Johannesburg branch secretary was filmed assaulting Olivia Makete after forcing her out of a vehicle. Protesters outside of Luthuli House were stopping traffic and intimidating citizens in the street. Makete herself was only in the Joburg CBD to register a complaint about service delivery in her informal settlement.

Will Thabang Setona return as a ward councillor?

Over the weekend, Setona was elected by his peers to stand as a candidate in the Ward 62 councillor race. This initially caused an amount of uproar in Hillbrow, and word has since spread across the country. Whereas some structures of the ANC may be happy to forgive this man’s heinous indiscretions, the general public is not so willing,

Hillbrow nominee ‘will be rejected’ by ANC structures

Thabang Setona ended up with a suspended prison sentence for this assault, which brought South Africa’s GBV issues into sharp focus. Ultimately, that conviction is likely to mean that a ‘nomination’ is about as far as he’ll get in this race.

ANC Johannesburg spokesperson Sasabona Manganye has since told the media that the BLF marcher will, inevitably, be ruled out, thanks to his criminal history. Why he was considered in the first place, however, remains a mystery.

“He is one of the people nominated out of the four people. The report still has to go to the list committee who will make a determination. So this is not confirmation – and we cannot pick people arrested for crimes anyway.”