No arrest police

Darryl and Jessica Richter with their two daughters. Photo: Facebook

No arrest yet for the brutal killing of an Eastern Cape farmer

Police have not yet arrested the suspect involved in the brutal attack and murder of 34-year-old Darryl Richter, an Eastern Cape farmer.

No arrest police

Darryl and Jessica Richter with their two daughters. Photo: Facebook

The police are still on the hunt for the suspect involved in the brutal murder of a 34-year-old Eastern Cape farmer at the weekend.

Darryl Richter, from the farm Waterfall just outside East London, died on the scene where he allegedly shot dead two of his three attackers.


Richter was doing patrols on the Thornvlei road when he noticed a suspicious vehicle. He immediately called the neighbouring farmers for reinforcement.

Police said when the farmers arrived at the scene they found a seriously injured Richter.

“At the time of their arrival, the farmer was reportedly still alive and was able to provide information about the incident, however, he later succumbed to his injuries at the scene.”

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According to police, it is believed the farmer retaliated with his firearm after the three suspects attacked him with knives.

“Subsequently, two of the three suspects in their 20’s were found in an open field with gunshot wounds not far from the crime scene.”

Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler Barnard said in a statement Richter was stabbed in the head and spine and then shot.


Richter leaves behind his wife, Jessica and their two young daughters.

Barnard said Richter had previously survived an attack in Butterworth.

“This is a report on just one of the numerous brutal murders of farmers and farm workers over the past three months.

“While we send our deepest sympathies and prayers to Richter’s widow, children and family, the DA once again calls on the Minister Cele, to shift his focus from disarming law-abiding citizens, to the disarming of violent criminals and gangsters – including those within the South African Police Service (SAPS) illicitly selling firearms to crooks.

“Our farmers and farm workers are under siege, and it seems Cele won’t be content until they are completely unable to defend themselves from torture and death.”

In a statement, Agri Eastern Cape rural safety chairperson Alfonso van Niekerk said Richter was still alive when neighbouring farmers arrived on the scene and was able to provide information about what happened.

“Darryl was still breathing and managed to explain the scene that had unfolded to his fellow farmers.

“During this altercation, Darryl was stabbed, but still managed to shoot and mortally wound two of the three attackers. It is believed that the third attacker fled on foot and was potentially wounded,” Van Niekerk said.

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Van Niekerk praised the local farmers who responded and helped Richter in his final moments, and extended condolences to the farmer’s family, especially Richter’s wife and two daughters.

Friends of Richter has described him as a loving husband, friend, and uncle.

Police said the motive for the attack was unclear and would form part of the investigation. One case of murder and two inquest dockets have been opened.

Anyone with information related to the incident or the remaining suspect is requested to contact Sgt Kwenene on 079-408-9104 or phone their nearest police station.

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