Tebogo Mokwele EFF Ramaphosa

Photo: YouTube Screenshot / Parliament RSA

Who is Tebogo Mokwele? The EFF MP who got R40 000 from Cyril Ramaphosa

It’s an own goal that threatens to peg the EFF back in their campaign to discredit Cyril Ramaposa. But who is Tebogo Mokwele, and why did she need the cash?

Tebogo Mokwele EFF Ramaphosa

Photo: YouTube Screenshot / Parliament RSA

The EFF, who have been hounding Cyril Ramaphosa for alleged money laundering through his CR17 leadership campaign, were left stunned by the news that one of their own MPs had profited from the fundraising. On Sunday, it was confirmed Tebogo Mokwele had received R40 000 from the president himself.

Tebogo Mokwele: Why the EFF MP received money from Cyril Ramaphosa

It is understood she asked Ramaphosa directly for the donation, in order to help her plan for a sudden bereavement in the family. This put the party in a compromising position, and they were quick to address the matter over the weekend:

“Mokwele has since confessed to the leadership and indicated the money was to deal with a personal problem she was having. This is a confirmation that Cyril Ramaphosa was directly involved in the accounts that were paying money to recipients in the CR17 campaign.”

EFF statement

Who is Tebogo Mokwele?

Background and early life

She was born in Swartruggens, North West, and got into politics when she was aged just 14. Mokwele had a tough upbringing, and used to sleep on hotel stretchers whilst her mother worked shifts at a clinic. Her dad, meanwhile, laboured as an artist throughout her childhood.

She is the EFF’s whip in the National Assembly, and also serves on the Employment and Labour and Financial Management of Parliament committees.

Scuffles in Parliament featuring Tebogo Mokwele

She has served on the frontline of the EFF’s robust approach to Parliament, and is no stranger to getting thrown out of the house. The last such incident occured in June, where a physical confrontation was reported during an induction session for new MPs. She was right in the thick of it.

Which, sadly, led to a miscarriage

However, these examples of rough-and-tumble don’t always end at the gates of Parliament. It was reported that, during one particularly violent ejection from the house, Tebogo Mokwele suffered a miscarriage shortly afterwards. This was in 2016, as the EFF rejected the presence of Jacob Zuma in the Assembly.

EFF reaction to the CR17 links

On the surface of it all, things don’t look two promising for Tebogo Mokwele. The EFF’s statement suggests that there will be more ramifications for the MP over this rogue donation, regardless of the circumstances. The Red Berets say they are “considering what action to take” against Mokwele, and urged any other members to “confess now” if they’ve received money from CR17.

  • You can read the full statement from the EFF here: