Huamn trafficker Johannesburg Cape Town

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SAPS bust ‘notorious human trafficker’ operating between Joburg and Cape Town

A suspected human trafficker, who allegedly kept a Cape Town woman hostage in Johannesburg, has been arrested following a raid by The Hawks.

Huamn trafficker Johannesburg Cape Town

Photo: Pixabay

SAPS has made a major bust this week, after they nabbed an alleged human trafficker who lured a woman away from Cape Town, and held her captive in several lodges across Johannesburg. Felix Christopher Eghan appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court for trafficking in persons and possession of counterfeit goods on Monday 22 February.

Alleged human trafficker caught in Johannesburg

Law enforcement officials say the 32-year-old promised his victim that she would be offered ‘lucrative work’ in the Gauteng-based city. But as she made the cross-country journey, the woman in her thirties soon realised that a dream job would turn into a harrowing nightmare. She was allegedly forced into ‘illicit businesses’ while under the control of her captor.

Police have been working on this case for months, and tracked the notorious Eghan to several properties. The investigation culminated on Friday, when Hawks made their move and seized R100 000 in goods from the human trafficker.

Cops crack Cape Town disappearance

SAPS has since issued a statement on the matter, confirming most of the details that have surfaced since Eghan’s court appearance. The defendant returns to court next Monday – and more suspects are believed to be involved in this operation.

“It is alleged that in November 2020, a 34-year-old woman was lured from Cape Town to Johannesburg with promises of lucrative job opportunities. The investigation revealed that the victim was held captive against her will at different lodges within the Johannesburg area since her arrival.”

“She was rescued during a disruptive operation conducted by Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation in Johannesburg, Randburg and Douglasdale police, last week Friday, 19 February 2021. Police seized electronic gadgets for further investigation.”

“Counterfeit goods consisting of luxurious time pieces, clothes, and perfumes worth approximately R100 000 were also confiscated. Eghan was remanded in custody pending further investigation. The case is postponed to Monday 1 March 2021. Investigation continues and outstanding suspects are being sought.”

SAPS statement