May 2024 SASSA Child grants

May 2024 SASSA Child grants will be paid tomorrow. Here’s what to expect. Image: File/Fotor

WHAT to expect from May 2024 SASSA Child grants

Due for payment to roughly 14 million South Africans tomorrow, here’s what to expect from May 2024 SASSA Child grants…

May 2024 SASSA Child grants

May 2024 SASSA Child grants will be paid tomorrow. Here’s what to expect. Image: File/Fotor

Good news, May 2024 SASSA Child grants will be disbursed tomorrow – Tuesday, 7 May 2024 – by the South African Social Security Agency. Mzansi’s child grants are made up of Child Support, Foster Care and Care Dependency. And all three are part of the agency’s social welfare remit, to care for the most vulnerable citizens.

The highest paying of these three is SASSA Care Dependency, at R2 180. This rises to R2 190 in October 2024. Like the SASSA Disability Grant which was disbursed today (Monday 6 May 2024), this applies to anyone with mental or physical disability. They must be under the age of 18 and need permanent at-home care. Furthermore, applicants need a full medical report for their child to receive this grant.


May 2024 SASSA Child grants
May 2024 SASSA Child grants, from Foster Care to the Top-Up essential for orphans, are all paid tomorrow (7 May 2024). Image: File

The most significant of the May 2024 SASSA Child grants is Child Support. It goes to approximately 14 million households. Paying R530 each month, it is aimed primarily at poor families who struggle to make ends meet. Like some others, it increased by 4.8% in April.

However, the Department of Social Development (DSD) also offers something called SASSA Child Support Top-Up. Aimed at orphans, Minister Lindiwe Zulu encourages all relatives caring for orphaned children to come forward if they think they’re eligible. Thanks to an additional R260 for orphans, the full amount can reach R790.

SASSA Foster Care pays R1 180 in May 2024. Sadly, foster care will not increase again in October 2024. Critical to the foster-care grant is a court order confirming your foster-parent status. Therefore, you must meet with a social worker from the DSD to secure one.


May 2024 SASSA Child grants
The Democratic Alliance has been dismayed at what it’s seen at SASSA offices around the country. Image: File

If you are one of the millions receiving SASSA Child grants, you may be interested to hear what the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been up to. As The South African reported last week, it has been inspecting agency offices. This is for oversight should it come to power after 29 May’s General Elections. Moreover, DA shadow minister Bridget Masango has many more positive reforms in mind for SASSA Child grants.

During her oversight visits, she said the DA will audit social grant beneficiary lists. No matter what, it intends to increase SASSA Child Support grants to the food poverty line of R760. Better still, expectant mothers will be eligible for Child Support grants to secure nutrition for their unborn babies. Moreover, SASSA Child Support grants will be paid until beneficiaries obtain a National Senior Certificate.


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