Bosasa Gavin Watson crash

Photo: Inside Politics / Twitter

Gavin Watson: Five questions raised by his fatal car crash

The death of a politically-connected, bribery-accused executive is always going to raise questions. But Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson is linked to the very top.

Bosasa Gavin Watson crash

Photo: Inside Politics / Twitter

It has been confirmed that Gavin Watson was killed in a devastating car crash on his way to OR Tambo in the early hours of Monday morning. The Bosasa CEO was pronounced dead at the scene, following a tumultous year where he has had his name dragged through the mud.

Bosasa whistleblower Angelo Aggrizzi implicated Watson in a whole host of corrupt activites. His testimony at the State Capture Inquiry has sparked judicial proceedings against the company and the net was certainly closing in on Watson, who is also believed to have dealt with Cyril Ramaphosa at close quarters.

In an incident as high-profile as this, it doesn’t take long for the rumour mill to hit overdrive and questions begin to mount up. We’re looking at what issues have been raised by the fatal crash, to bring a touch of clarity to the situation.

Questions raised by the death of Gavin Watson

What happened in the crash?

Just after 5:00 on Monday morning, a vehicle which was transporting Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson to OR Tambo International Airport smashed into a concrete pillar, completely wrecking the car and killing the executive. The structure was supporting a bridge, and the impact saw debris spread across the highway.

There was initially some confusion over who was killed in the crash. Watson was confirmed dead at the Germiston Mortuary just after midday, and appears to be the only fatality.

Who is responsible?

Well, a case of culpable homicide has been opened up by authorities in Gauteng, suggesting that this is not a run-of-the-mill accident. Although there is no suspicion of foul play, it seems that someone will be held accountable down the line for this horrific collission. Watson lost control of the vehicle, but it could prove that he wasn’t solely responsible.

What about the vehicle Gavin Watson was driving?

Many on social media have questioned why Watson would have such low-key travel arrangements. We have established that the Toyota Corolla mangled in the accident was frequently used by Watson and his fellow Bosasa executives, who also had a driver escort them to and from the airport while they conducted business in Gauteng.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that some of Watson’s more upmarket vehicles have gone in for repairs. He owns a BMW X6, but that wasn’t available to him over the weekend. Claims he was inexperienced in using a manual gearbox have yet to be established, too.

What does this mean for Bosasa?

Infamously, Bosasa filed for baknruptcy earlier in the year, only for Watson to try and reverse the decision a few weeks later. The company avoided voluntary liquidation, but without the CEO’s influence, the company face an uncertain future as their web of corruption will be confronted with further investigations.

Could there be more than meets the eye with Gavin Watson’s death?

Let’s think about all the factors at play here. Gavin Watson is connected to the ANC though bribes worth billions of rand. Cyril Ramaphosa is facing the political scandal of a lifetime, because of the R500 000 his leadership campaign accepted from Bosasa. Observers have been quick to point out their suspicions.

With Watson’s death, there are secrets he will take to the grave with him. Out of sheer human nature, South Africans are ultimately frustrated that this could close several avenues into a forensic analysis of their own, personal state capture. Conspiracies will circulate, but ultimately, the police are keen to pursue any inquiries through the culpable homicide investigation.