Cyril Ramaphosa Advanced Level 3 changes

Photo: GCIS

Advanced Level 3: Ramaphosa confirms seven major changes for SA

We were made to wait, but Cyril Ramaphosa has officially confirmed that South Africa will soon be moving to an Advanced Level 3 of lockdown.

Cyril Ramaphosa Advanced Level 3 changes

Photo: GCIS

President Ramaphosa has confirmed that South Africa will move to an ‘Advanced Level 3’. Cyril addressed the nation on Wednesday evening, following days of speculation about changes to the restrictions.

What is Advanced Level 3?

On Sunday it was revealed that the Cabinet was considering bringing hairdressers, sit-down restaurant venues, and even certain accommodation services back into business, after an 11-week shutdown decimated the industries.

A handful of ministers reported that several options were under consideration, before Ramaphosa rubber-stamped the plans earlier this evening. The changes will allow thousands of citizens to work again, and provide a set of ‘recreational activities’ for consumers.

What changes at Advanced Level 3?

The following changes will now take place once Advanced Level 3 comes into effect.

  • Restaurants are allowed to offer sit-down meals.
  • Accredited accommodation can open, but not AirBNBs.
  • Conferences and meetings can now take place for businesses.
  • Cinemas and theatres can open, as can casinos.
  • Personal care services and hairdressers.
  • Non-contact sports, such as golf tennis and cricket can resume.
  • Contact sports can resume for training purposes only.

All these measures are subject to strict social distancing guidelines

South Africa’s current lockdown phase

Advanced Level 3 is not to be confused with Level 2 regulations. It’s best to think of this latest development as a ‘stage within a stage’ – a buffer zone between each established phase of lockdown. While South Africa may be ready to ease a few restrictions, going the distance and pushing the country to Level 2 isn’t something the government is ready for.

Earlier on Wednesday, DA leader criticised Ramaphosa for his silence on our current lockdown status. Just hours after issuing a statement that berated the president, Cyril delivered his highly-anticipated address. Ironically, we’d wager that very few people were expecting casinos to get the thumbs-up…