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School admission deadline for Western Cape schools fast approaching

The deadline to accept the placements offered to successful candidates through the school admissions process is on Friday July 3.


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Parents who have received successful outcomes for the 2020 school admissions process in the Western Cape need to confirm their children’s places by Friday 3 June, with the provincial Education Department conceding that spaces are limited and not all applications can be accepted. 

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is appealing to parents to notify them if they intend to accept the placements they were provided in the first round of application outcomes to ensure that schools can determine how many spaces they have remaining for future application phases. 

School admission deadline to confirm placements 3 July 2020 

Provincial Education MEC Debbie Shafer said that parents can accept the applications on the the “track applications” page of the department’s website, and said that they need to do so before the cut-off time at midnight today (Thursday 2 July). 

“Parents can accept by going onto the system under Track applications and confirming their final choice, or they can hand in a confirmation letter/reply slip to the school where their application was successful,” she said. 

She added that children who have been accepted into more than one school need to have their parents confirm acceptance at the school of their choice. 

“If a child has been accepted at more than one school, the parent must confirm acceptance at ONE of the schools on the list where the application was successful,” she said. 

“This is very important – if multiple places are being held for a single learner, this makes it much harder for other learners to find places.  If parents do not make their choice by 3 July, the WCED will start allocating learners to their highest choice, and will remove them from the lists of other schools they applied to.”

Limited spaces in Western Cape schools  

Shafer conceded that spaces are increasingly limited in Western Cape schools, and said that the applications for placements had increased significantly since the previous year.

“Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t have enough space for all the learners that apply. There is a high demand for places. 382 169 individual applications to schools were completed and submitted by parents during the month-long window for applications this year, an increase on last year’s figures.”

“Even taking into account that parents submitted multiple applications, the demand for space is clear.”

She said that this capacity issue means that many students will be disappointed not to be accepted into their first choice of school. 

“This means that learners might not be able to be placed at their first choice of school. We ask parents to be understanding in this regard. They are of course welcome to contact their school of choice and appeal to the School Governing Body (SGB), as well as ask that their child be placed on the waiting list in case any spaces become available.”

WCED promises unsuccessful applicants can still be placed  

Students whose applications were unsuccessful should avoid panic, she said. There will be further opportunities for these students to be placed in schools once the department has a better understanding of each institutions capacity provisions. 

“Parents who receive notifications that their applications have been unsuccessful from all schools they applied to must remain calm,” she said. 

“It is important to understand that the process is not yet complete. Once parents who have received offers of a place have accepted these, the WCED and schools will have a better idea of where there are still spaces available.”

“Schools will apply their admission policies in terms of their waiting lists and they could accept learners who have been on waiting lists.”