You can expect some big changes on your Android keyboards soon on WhatsApp. Image. iStock.

WhatsApp: Big changes coming on your Android keyboards

WhatsApp is on a process of revamping Android keyboards to better align the use of the app for Android users.


You can expect some big changes on your Android keyboards soon on WhatsApp. Image. iStock.

WhatsApp is working on a redesigned keyboard to better align its Android mobile app with the iOS and desktop versions

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Reason behind keyboard changes

According to WABetaInfo, the publication first reported about the overhauled keyboard in April 2023 and recently discovered an updated version in development.

The latest update added emoji categories and other minor changes to the new interface.

The first and most notable adjustment with the new WhatsApp keyboard layout can be seen after tapping the emoji “smiley face” icon on the left side of the typing box.

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The keyboard type selection bar — which allows for choosing between emojis, GIFs, and attachments to send to recipients — has been moved from the bottom to the top of the keyboard panel.

The paperclip attachment button that currently appears on the right side of the typing box next to the camera button has also been dropped.

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Changes to lookout for on your current WhatsApp version

It has seemingly been replaced with a “+” sign on the left side of the typing box, while the button for switching back to the text keyboard has been moved to the right, next to the camera button.

this new layout will align the button placements on Android with the WhatsApp for iOS and WhatsApp Desktop apps.

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It is unclear when the new keyboard will officially be rolled out.

It will likely be made available to beta testers first, so a release to general users could take some time.

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