social grants April

Social grants are set to increase on 1 April 2023. Image: Sassa.

Here’s why SASSA has changed their grant payout dates

The way SASSA grants are paid out will change from next month onwards. Here’s the official reasoning the department has given us.

social grants April

Social grants are set to increase on 1 April 2023. Image: Sassa.

If you’re a recipient of a SASSA grant, then you need to be aware of a major change in the way their social payments are given out. From May, they are pushing back the usual dates one can collect their money.

When are the new SASSA payment dates?

  • Instead of paying out on the first of each month, the dates will now be staggered:
  • Disability and pensioner grants will be paid over two days – on the fourth and fifth of each month
  • All other SASSA grants – including child support payments – will be paid from the sixth

SASSA has also clarified that elderly people who also claim other grants can collect all payments in one go, from the fourth of each month. There is no need to rush to the waypoint, as once the money is deposited, it stays in your account – a message that the agency is keen to put across during lockdown.

Why have the dates for social grants changed?

The changes have been made to prevent the mass rush we’ve seen on the first day of the month. During lockdown, we can ill-afford massive queues and huge gatherings. Breaking up the payment dates serves as a sensible way to disperse of crowding, in these times of social distancing.

SASSA chief executive Busisiwe Memela on Wednesday recalled several nasty incidents that took place at the end of last month, as the panic caused by lockdown sparked some terrible behaviour amongst citizens.

“We want to avoid scenes like the ones we saw in a Dobsonville shopping centre in Soweto during the last payment cycle, where a group of youngsters were captured on video pushing older people in order to access payment infrastructure first.” 

“To effect this, SASSA will make use of two payment files. The first one will cover the aged and the disabled, while the second payment file will cover all other grant types.”

Busisiwe Memela