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St John Stella Londt: Two pensioners killed in PE retirement centre

The evidence suggests that this was a robbery.

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A double homicide is being investigated by Port Elizabeth detectives after two elderly women were found murdered at the St John Stella Londt Retirement Centre.

Where is St John Stella Londt Retirement Centre?

The retirement centre, situated in Sunridge Park, has been around for decades. Once a farm owned by William Edward Londt, the complex prides itself as a four-hectare estate that holds 62 cottages, 32 semi-dependent garden flats, 23 assisted living rooms, a sickbay, as well as a B&B flat.

What we know about the double homicide

The tranquillity of the estate was disturbed, on Thursday morning, when two elderly women, believed to be aged 87 and 91, were found dead in their respective rooms.

While death is common in places like St John Stella Londt, the manner in which the women’s bodies were found suggests foul play.

According to a Herald Live report, the two women’s bodies were found by night shift staff at approximately 05:45. Police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu told the cited publication that the case has been treated as a double homicide for the horrific manner in which they were found.

“They were found by night shift staff at about 05:45. Their hands and feet were bound and they had both been gagged,” she said.

What was the motive?

Detectives have yet to issue an update on what the motive behind the murders is. However, based on what was observed at the crime scenes, it is possible that this was a robbery.

It has been reported that the retirement centre’s security systems have been problematic in the past. According to Erica Landman, a resident at St John Stella Londt, there have been previous incidents, related to robbery, that have occurred this year.

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