Duduzane Zuma Israel

Photo: Good Read / Flickr

Duduzane Zuma branded a ‘disgrace’ for alleged pro-Israel remarks

After tackling a contentious topic, Duduzane Zuma’s take on the Israel-Palestine situation seems to have upset a major human rights group.

Duduzane Zuma Israel

Photo: Good Read / Flickr

Never far away from trouble, Duduzane Zuma has incurred the wrath of civil support groups here in South Africa, after he spoke to Jewish Report about his views on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Duduzane Zuma and his Jewish connection

Zuma Jnr told the publication that he had been heavily influenced by the Hebrew community while growing up, and spoke in glowing terms of his wife’s Jewish heritage. Duduzane also revealed his son is being raised under Judaism.

“By extension of his Jewish mother, I have Jewish family, and a beautiful Jewish son. I’m loving it. It’s something that I’m proud of, something that I’m inspired by. It’s going to be interesting and a learning curve from my side regarding his growth and development. I’ve always advocated for him to understand his Jewish roots.” | Duduzane Zuma

‘Reinstate the embassy’ – Duduzane Zuma contradicts the ANC on Israel

However, when pushed on his honest opinions about Israel and Palestine, Duduzane Zuma may have dipped his toes into the waters of controversy. The son of a former president has taken the exact opposite stance of the ANC, advocating for the return of a South African embassy in Israel – fundamentally disagreeing with Ramaphosa’s position.

“If anything, South Africa should have an embassy in Israel, and the ANC should take a completely different stance to what’s happening in that part of the world and engage with the issues. By virtue of pulling its ambassadorship away, South Africa has actually chosen a side, or at least seems to have chosen a side. “

“We have a very good relationship with the Muslim community in South Africa, but we must rise above taking sides because as it stands – this is my view, I may be wrong – it looks like the government has chosen a side. So, South Africa’s role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian issue has been made irrelevant by the decision to revoke the embassy.”

Pro-Palestine activists blast DZ’s Israel remarks

President Ramaphosa called Israel an ‘apartheid-like state’ earlier this year, and although Duduzane Zuma’s remarks came with restraint, they were enough to upset Africa4Palestine. The group, formerly known as BDS, did not sugarcoat their statement – and branded the 37-year-old a ‘disgrace’ for disregarding the ANC’s resolution against Israel.

“We consider Duduzane Zuma’s recent utterances in support of Apartheid Israel utterly disgraceful. He has shown an utter disregard for the democratic expression of the ANC branches, regions, and provinces that ‘unanimously’ resolved to downgrade the SA Embassy in Israel at the ANC’s 54th National Conference.”

“Furthermore he is at odds with the position of South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the majority of South Africans who consider Israel an Apartheid State. We are concerned by Israel and its supporters like Duduzane.”