Water Zululand Pongola 11

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Tanker caught dumping water meant for drought-hit region of KZN

These workers in Pongola, Zululand have got a lot of explaining to do. Water destined for the drought-stricken town was, allegedly, poured away.

Water Zululand Pongola 11

Photo: Twitter

This is a shock to the system, to say the least: The local municipality of Zululand, KZN has been asked to explain why workers were caught dumping their water load at the side of the road, despite the desperate need for the reserves in nearby Pongola.

Water poured away in KZN – but why?

The town has been hit by the devastating impact of drought, and every drop counts if Pongola stands any chance of getting back on its feet. Fresh, drinkable water is difficult to come by in this region – so the sight of a work crew casually pouring the stuff away by the road side is unconscionable.

In the clip, we see angered locals confronting the staff manning the tanker. The hose connected to the trailer is allowed to spray freely, sending gallons and gallons of water into dry, disused land. A man can be heard threatening to expose the group for their actions, as tensions escalated in this part of Zululand:

Watch – Zululand officials asked to explain why water is being poured away in Pongola:

‘Zululand officials must explain these circumstances’

The incident has sparked fury amongst local politicians, who are now demanding accountability:

“KwaZulu-Natal COGTA MEC Sipho Hlomuka has requested that the Zululand district municipality explains this incident, which comes at a time when the province is trying to deal with a gripping drought that has decimated our water resources in the province, and particularly in this region.”

“The department is expecting a detailed report from the district, which will detail the circumstances of this incident in Pongola and the relevant sanctions that will be taken by the Water Service Authority.”

KZN COGTA statement