Photo: GCIS

ISIS materials reportedly discovered at scene of Vaal kidnapping arrests

Police discovered ISIS training manuals and a distinctive flag linked to the terrorist organisation after a raid on Friday morning.


Photo: GCIS

Police have reportedly seized ISIS related materials during a search of a property in the South of Johannesburg (Vaal). A raid was conducted related to the kidnapping of a 72-year-old Indian national, who was rescued during a pre-dawn operation in Klipriver on Friday 24 July.

Details have emerged that the crime scene contained more than the illegal ammunition and firearms the five suspects who were arrested were charged to be in possession of – police also uncovered an ISIS handbook and distinctive flag belonging to the terrorist organisation. 

ISIS paraphernalia discovered at crime scene  

A 72-year-old man was kidnapped on 2 July and his captors demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin. He was ultimately recovered three weeks later when police were led to a smallholding in Klipriver through a crime intelligence operation. 

Acting on intelligence received, police went to the property in Klipriver, south of Johannesburg on Thursday, where three alleged kidnappers and two others were arrested. However, the victim was not at the location.

“Heeding to the call of the National Commissioner, as well as the 72-hour Activation Plan, the team worked through yet another night and rescued the victim in the area of Kensington in Johannesburg during the early hours of this [Friday 24 July] morning,” National police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo said on Friday.

At the scene they made several made more discoveries relating to the crime and later made several arrests and recovered the 72-year-old man at a second location. 

As well as a cache of weapons including hunting rifles, submachine guns, and several handguns, eNCA reported on Wednesday 29 July that the crime scene they initially raided also contained the “ISIS black standard” flag and several training manuals. 

ISIS threats appear to run deeper than initially thought 

They reported that there is still one outstanding suspect urgently being pursued by the police – the owner of the smallholding where the captive was held. He has since gone on the run. 

The South African has reached out to the South African Police Service (SAPS) for confirmation and will update this story when it lands. Naaidoo said that he was unable to provide further details regarding the items found at the scene.

ISIS recently sent shockwaves across the country when they warned South African Defence Force (SANDF) operatives to back off their exploits in the Mozambican channel.