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Watch: The hilarious problems every South African has been through [video]

Problems every South African has been through! This YouTuber will have you in stitches as you laugh and cry at the same time, beautiful SA!

South African

If you’ve ever lived in South Africa, then you already know that our country has its fair share of problems. With thousands of South Africans working overseas, it’s easy for them to feel nostalgic to some of these things. You know, hearing about the problems of home makes you miss home.

Sandhira Chetty is a South African who has been teaching English in South Korea for the last six years.  When she isn’t teaching, she makes some incredibly entertaining videos for her YouTube channel.

“Mom, dad I’m going to the mall quickly!”

“Eyyy! Did you lock the gate? Don’t forget to lock the bottom gate and lock the outside gate and don’t forget to lock the trellidor and don’t forget to lock the back door! And the last time you went, you left the back door unlocked!”

In the video, Sandhira acts out a series of skits that are all too familiar. From Eskom, to crime, to cabinet reshuffles, she manages to make some local problems as humorous as possible. It’s certainly refreshing and will almost leave you enjoying some of our problems.

You know what they say, with so much going on, laughter is left as the only and best solution. You can check out the video below.