Watch: The ANC are also marchi

Watch: The ANC are also marching today, in SUPPORT of Zuma [video]

Tensions are building…

Watch: The ANC are also marchi

With so many Anti-Zuma protests taking place today all across the country, the ANC have decided to close ranks and mobilise their own supporters. ANC Youth League members are outside ANC headquarters Luthuli House, they are together with “600 combat ready” MK vets.

South Africans on Twitter though have been noticing that these MK Veterans look, uhm… rather young…

ANC Youth League leaders were also speaking to media outside Luthuli House, the group say they will use any means necessary to defend their party.


Morning Protest Update: A look at the protests happening around the country

In Durban, the ANCYL have also taken to the streets to defend President Zuma.

Back in Jozi, Beyers Naude Square could see some issues as protestors from opposing groups meet.

Stay tuned for our afternoon update soon after the main marches kick off.