Watch: Police fire rubber bull

Watch: Police fire rubber bullets at ANC supporters as violence breaks out [video]

Things have taken a nasty turn.

Watch: Police fire rubber bull

Well, it was bound to happen, with all the anti-Zuma marches taking place today, ANC supporters also took to the streets to defend their president. Some of those ANC supporters were carrying planks of wood and even bricks.

Now, news has emerged of Police having to fire rubber bullets to disperse ANC supporters, reports indicate that police opened fire as the group were trying to aggressively head towards the DA organised protest.

Police all across the country are on high alert as these clashes are likely to continue throughout the day.

Some ANC supporters have sustained minor injuries.

The potential of violence is clearly not lost on leaders of the opposition, DA leader Mmusi Maimane is wearing what appears to be a bulletproof vest under his shirt.

The first batch of anti-Zuma protestors has just arrived outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria, SAPS have laid barbwire at the fence as an extra method of protection.