Watch: Spur release CCTV foota

Watch: Spur release CCTV footage of man grabbing woman’s son before viral video [video]

Hopefully, this saga is now finally put to bed.

Watch: Spur release CCTV foota

The Spur saga seemed to finally be over, done and dusted. The restaurant had yesterday apologised to the mother of the child and confirmed their decision to ban the man from all their restaurants across the country. Why? Because after an internal investigation, their CCTV footage confirmed the mother’s version of events, the man had aggressively grabbed and pulled her child BEFORE the video that went viral began.

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That second statement led to some outrage amongst a small group of South Africans who accused Spur of not wanting to release the actual footage because they are “following some kind of agenda.” Spur have now clearly shut those people up, as today they have released the ACTUAL CCTV footage. The clip clearly confirms both the restaurant’s and mother’s statement as the man can be seen attempting to pull her child by his arm out of his seat. The mother was not having any of it and managed to pull her son back quickly.

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We all know what happened after as the original cell phone video has now gone completely viral. People were questioning what happened before they started filming, now at least we have an answer to that question. Even though it is now confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was the aggressor, the mother has apologised for the language she has used. She has said that she was just doing all she could to protect her children.

After seeing someone attempt to aggressively pull your own child away by the arm, we’re sure any parent would be just as enraged. Check out Spur’s CCTV footage below.