Watch: Landlord uses axe to th

Watch: Landlord uses axe to threaten and intimidate female tenant [video]

This mother and her child were left terrified after dealing with their landlord.

Watch: Landlord uses axe to th

Anyone who has ever rented a flat or house knows the struggle of dealing with a landlord who is always on your case. Especially if you always pay your rent on time but the moment something breaks the landlord does a Houdini-like disappearing act. Well, in this case it seems like those type of landlords are mild…

A video has emerged on Facebook from Melissa-Lee Leigh, she explained how the landlord (and their family) have threatened her and her daughter with all kinds of violence. The landlord’s appear to rent out property in Tinley Mannor off the Dolphin Coast in Kwazulu-Natal. UPDATE: The videos have since been removed from Facebook. 

“Please everyone beware of renting or having dealings with Mr and Mrs machan of Tinley manor. He is an extremely dangerous and volatile man. My granddaughter is traumatised. I want this to go viral. What pigs these people are. All because she “parked in the wrong place”. They then tried to run me over !!!”

Mr and Mrs Mackan (the alleged landlords) can be seen in videos swearing at the tenant while screaming at her to move her car. The Mackan’s then use an axe to bang on the gate and even smash up the tenant’s pot plants. The tenant expresses clearly that she will move her car but she is just too terrified to come out with people violently screaming at her and holding an axe.

Since uploading the videos to Facebook, Leigh has stated that past tenants under the Mackan’s have also come forward and expressed how dangerously aggressive they are. The former tenants also confirmed to Leigh that the Mackan’s are indeed abusive and intimidating. It sadly seems that intimidation is the style of these landlords. In the 3rd video the tenant’s child can be heard crying, clearly traumatised by the incident.

If we were the tenant there is no way we would have felt safe coming out to move that car either. Check out the remaining 2 clips, below.