Cyril Ramaphosa wears an ANC inspired leather jacket.

Cyril Ramaphosa should consider retirement, he has been “fighting” for 50 years now. Image: EWN

WATCH: Retirement things our El Presidente can do

Cyril Ramaphosa has been an activist since his student days and should consider retirement and living a life of leisure now.

Cyril Ramaphosa wears an ANC inspired leather jacket.

Cyril Ramaphosa should consider retirement, he has been “fighting” for 50 years now. Image: EWN

So life has taken a downturn for Cyril Ramaphosa after the Phala Phala incident gained momentum with the entire nation casting stones. His colleagues? Gunning for his title: President. Other politicians, the same and so forth. South Africa is vibrating with an either or vibe at the moment and Mzansi is definitely drawing the line.

From once being praised as one of SA’s most eloquent “struggle heroes” Ramaphosa is now in the dog box. He vehemently denies any wrongdoing but the trial by media is going to have an after-effect.

It happens to most people who enjoy peaks of power without taking a break to woosah.

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Take a breather and be selfish

Now we all are aware that Ramaphosa doesn’t need to work. He is actually extremely rich having made most of the right financial decisions, and friends, when he left his government job. And let’s digress and mention that normally citizens in Mzansi have to retire at age 65 and start a new leisurely way of life. So whether he is fired, impeached, ousted or kicked out-of-office Cyril Ramaphosa should please sit down, now, like every other ordinary citizen who turns a certain pensioner age.

Cyril could be an online gamer he already owns a game farm right?

While Ramaphosa has actually ticked off the bucket list items for most retirees his age (travel, being rich, owning food chains, etc) he perhaps hasn’t considered getting a Fortnite account. Also, we have caught the 70-year-old dozing off during certain meetings so perhaps some “me time” or deep sleep sessions are in order. 

Perhaps he could grow a garden, or has he already? What type of plant species do you think the president would prefer? Maybe he could trim a bonsai tree which would help in decluttering his mind and loosening his grip on power while he uses his pruning scissors to shape his tiny tree into a living work of art like Danielson.

Retirement could be the best bet for Ramaphosa to enjoy his twilight years

Cyril has the moves like Jagger and he can jive. Also he has a great sense of humour when he laughed at himself during the Mask Malfunction of April 2020 during a live lockdown family meeting. Perhaps he could take this time to truly find himself and give up being in the public eye or does he enjoy the paparazzi following him everywhere he goes . . . Ego much?

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Netflix and chill during retirement Cyril!

Like in any Netflix series or Hollywood movie with frenemies as a context, the characters will enjoy your company to a certain extent and once it is time to throw you under the bus they will find every means to do so. Politicians included. I mean look at what happened to Jacob Zuma, he was basically kicked out of the ANC because a faction of the leading party was not happy with him. 

In the game of the ANC magical chairs, Ramaphosa maybe you have just not secured a seat on the floor this time around?

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