Witbank school racism fight 122

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Fists fly at Witbank school, as parents come to blows over ‘racism’ claims

We may have another ‘Brackenfell’, here. Pupils at Witbank Technical School say they’ve been subjected to racism, and parents have escalated the situation.

Witbank school racism fight 122

Photo: Twitter

Tensions have boiled over in a major way on Monday morning, outside of the Witbank Technical School in Mpumalanga. Parents and guardians have been landing punches on each other at the educational facility, as a protest about racism and alleged ‘double standards in discipline’ turned very violent, very quickly.

Why are parents fighting outside of this school in Witbank?

A major fight between students broke out last week, prompting the provincial education department to visit the school. However, they downplayed the accusations of racism. Students are claiming that they are routinely on the end of racist abuse at the technical centre, arguing that politicians only got involved this time ‘because some of the victims are white’.

  • Mpumalanga Director for Public Examinations Chukudu Manyabeane ruffled feathers with this interpretation of events:

“The fight follows disputes over the trend among learners of ‘skipping’ classes and being reported to teachers, which seems to be a growing tendency. The department will look into what leads to learners bunking classes and will also develop programmes to ensure learners work together to minimise violent incidents at the school.”

Racism or truancy? Debate turns nasty…

Parents, however, are reading from a different hymn sheet. Several protesters have rubbished the claims that last week’s fight was about learners cutting class, and insist that the school is failing to take discrimination seriously.

The argument about the semantics of the situation seems to have exploded this morning though, and scores of people found themselves brawling in the street – just metres away from where their children were studying…

Watch: Parents fight outside of Witbank Technical School