Watch: Namibian Nanny in court

Watch: Namibian Nanny in court for throwing a baby into a cot [video]

The harrowing footage shows the Namibian Nanny hurling a baby into her bed

Watch: Namibian Nanny in court

A mother’s secretly-filmed footage of her Namibian nanny captured a truly disturbing sight: The woman Annemarie Theron had employed to take care of her baby was doing the exact, brutal opposite.

The nanny was recorded throwing baby Laila from chest-height into her cot. The 4ft drop obviously caused the baby an intense amount of distress, and she began crying. Later in the video, the nanny attempts to comfort the child by talking to her.

Theron decided to set up cameras in the bedroom after noticing bruises to Laila’s neck and shoulders. Her suspicions were confirmed when she watched the footage back, and immediately went to the police with it.

How did police deal with the footage?

However, it wasn’t as ‘cut-and-dry’ of a case as it would seem: There are strict legal implications of filming nannies – or other workers – without their consent. Mrs Theron confirmed police were initially hesitant, but common sense prevailed.

Given the severity of the crime they were witnessing, Namibian authorities went ahead and arrested the nanny. She will face trial for child abuse, assault and attempted murder.

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Annemarie Theron spoke to Netwerk24 about the harrowing footage, and how it had affected her infant daughter:

“It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward. It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for. I can see Laila is so, so broken after everything.”

“I don’t want her near my child ever again, or to pose a threat to other children. What happened was horrible to witness. I realised Laila has nightmares.”

How is baby Laila doing now?

Thankfully, Laila has recovered from her ordeal and is now attending a daycare facility. Mrs Theron says she may employ a nanny again in the future.

As for the Namibian nanny, she is nothing short of psychopathic. It echoes the case of the Ugandan nanny who stepped on a child as a form of punishment.

To lack that maternal instinct and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes is monstrous. The video footage speaks for itself and puts her in an utterly indefensible position.

Watch the Namibian Nanny throw the baby into her cot: