farmer assaulted in white river police station

Watch: High speed chase, farmer flees to police station

The SAPS has urged man who was assaulted inside the White River police station to file a formal complaint so the officers can be dealt with.

farmer assaulted in white river police station

The SAPS has responded to the viral video of a Mpumalanga farmer being assaulted in the White River Police station while police looked on did nothing, urging him to file a formal complaint for investigation.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the farmer and his fiancé sought refuge in the White River police station after armed men forced them off the road in an attempted hijacking. The couple were on their way to go shopping at the local Checkers at around 10am on Sunday morning when armed men in serval vehicles attempted to force them off the road.

However, instread of receiving assistance with opening a case, Delia Jordan said in a statement that the police had ignored them and watched on as perpetrators assaulted her fiancé Barend.

The video of the farmer and his fiancè fleeing the gun men and then being dragged and kicked inside White River police station went gone viral on social media on Sunday.

“My fiancé knew we were in danger and needed to get out of there and reversed, smashing into the vehicle that was blocking our rear and then going off road, over the barriers to get out from behind the black range rover blocking our entry to the traffic circle. At this point the driver of range rover went around the front of his vehicle to block us off, his firearm was drawn and pointing at us the entire time. In order to avoid him my fiancé reversed away from him, smashing into his vehicle also, in an attempt to get away from him, as he was pointing a firearm at us. My fiancé went over the traffic barriers to get away from them – and started driving towards White River police station as soon as possible for our own safety,” she said.

She said the men had chased them along with a white VW, branded “Tactical Response Unit” vehicle that had blue branding and GP number plates. 

“My fiancé showed them we were going to the police, they persisted to try to push us off the road, driving recklessly in front of us, blocking us in in every direction we took,” she said.

“We were chased by them, another white, similarly branded BMW SUV. A Mercedes Benz Sedan, a black Mercedes Benz Bus, a grey Mercedes Benz Bus and other vehicles.”

Watch the video of the couple fleeing to the police station here:

A friend  arrived to help them with their dog who was still sitting in the vehicle.

“Barend went outside to help him get the dog safely out of our vehicle and into his, we asked the police to assist us with this and Divergent Ops had arrived to assist us.  He wanted to get back inside to me when four men started assaulting him, inside the police station. None of the police tried to stop the men from entering the area that I was in and my fiancé was clinching his phone to his chest due to the importance of the footage,” she said.

She said her fiancé was then assaulted in the police station.

“My fiancé was assaulted by four men, in full view of police officers. And we have it on video. This because the men that had chased and threatened us wanted my fiancé’s phone and my phone. While I was recording them the man pushed me and tried to grab my phone too. Barend was further assaulted and kicked while they were trying to pull him out of the police station. These men were armed. Our lives were in danger. My fiance’s life was in danger,” she said.

“The men managed to get the phone from him and smashed it and took it. The police witnessed everything and did nothing.” 

Watch the video of the assault here:

Asked to comment on the video and Jordaan’s statement, SAPS spokesperson Colonel Brenda Muridili said that the couple should file a formal complaint about the incident for investigation.                                        “I advise the complainant to register an assault case at the police station and to register a complaint with the SAPS Complaints Centre at that members at White River Police Station on the said date failed to protect him inside the police station where he sought refuge while being attacked by unknown men,” she said.

“The outcome of the complaint will determine the way forward for the management on how do deal with the members who allegedly failed to act,” Muridili said.