ConCourt Muslim

Photo: ConCourt / Twitter

Watch: ConCourt stunned by attorney’s use of ‘Muslim slur’

Blimey, this is the last thing you expect to hear in ConCourt. A Muslim participant at a Zoom hearing has her outfit compared to that of ‘a ninja’.

ConCourt Muslim

Photo: ConCourt / Twitter

This is hectic: An attorney who was present on a Zoom call during a session of the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on Thursday was heard using Islamaphobic language, after saying that a Muslim participant was ‘dressed like a ninja’.

ConCourt shook by use of ‘slur’

The attorney, who is not visible in the video clip circulating on Twitter, has been identified as Yasmin Omar. She was quickly muted following the outburst, which took the full bench of judges by surprise. The lawmakers quickly shut the conversation down, without actually calling out the statement.

The session of ConCourt was held to discuss whether the Marriage Act and Divorce Act is unconstitutional, insofar as it may ‘fail to recognise and regulate Muslim marriages’. However, the order of business was derailed in reckless fashion.

Watch: Lawyer labels Muslim counsel ‘a ninja’

Lawyer responds to alleged ‘Islamaphobic language’

Omar has responded to the comments she made, insisting that they weren’t directed towards Nasreen Bawa. She insists that the comment she made was about something else playing on her screen. What’s even more bizarre is that the under-fire attorney herself is a follower of Islam. Nonetheless, this problematic language has caused a stir.

  • South Africans on social media initially believed the remark was made by a ConCourt judge. We can say categorically, however, that this was not the case. Omar has acknowledged she made the remarks, but insists they were taken out of context. Despite the interruptions, the hearing has continued into Thursday afternoon.