Watch: 3 men hijack bakkie in

Watch: 3 men hijack bakkie in KZN, all in worryingly quick time [video]

These guys are getting even faster.

Watch: 3 men hijack bakkie in

CCTV footage has caught three armed men hijacking a double cab bakkie from a company parking bay on Friday morning. The hijacking took place in Isipingo, South of Durban.

Two men in balaclavas can be seen running into the car park towards the bakkie, a third man keeps watch at the gate. News24 spoke to Krishnee Naidoo, communications officer at Alpha Alarms.

“They held him at gunpoint. One suspect acted as a lookout, another suspect stood guard over the victim, whilst the other suspect steered the vehicle,”

“The suspects fled with the vehicle and the victim was uninjured, but visibly shaken,”

“Alpha Response Units and Isipingo police attempted to pursue the suspects, but lost sight of them in the chaotic CBD.”

Naidoo also warned business owners in the area to be on high alert and ensure that all the necessary security measures are in place.

Criminals are becoming faster and faster in committing their crimes, even leaving your gate open for a few seconds puts you at risk.  You can check out the video for yourself below, please warn your friends and stay safe.