Read: Tests reveal that this C

Read: Tests reveal that this Cape Town suburb’s water is filled with rather ‘shitty’ bacteria

Talk about a shitty situation.

Read: Tests reveal that this C

Whether you’re using water to shower in, swim in or drink, you always want it to be clean. It’s not even a want, it’s more of a basic human right. For residents of Milnerton, the water in their local river is causing some problems.

The AfriForum branch in Cape Town North had an independent laboratory carry out water tests on a sample from the Swart River. The group has labelled the results as “disturbing,” with reported E.coli levels being “50 times higher than the allowed maximum that may be released by a sewage plant.” The branch says that the water poses multiple threats to the environment.

“The testing point is 1,3 km before the outlet into the sea, which means that the high E. coli levels can have an influence on sea life. The Milnerton Lake is also situated near the testing point and this pollution can subsequently present negative consequences to the lake. Further risks include that the polluted water can push up against the coast and beaches and contaminate fishing areas.”

The branch’s chairperson, Tommy van Zyl says that his organisation has to monitor water quality by themselves, all because “government is refusing to perform its duties in this case”. AfriForum say that they will now begin investigating the cause of the pollution.

So there you have it folks, if you live anywhere near to Milneron then be sure to stay away from the Swart River and Milnerton Lake. Obviously, that means don’t go swimming there, but that also means you don’t want you doggies taking a quick dip in there either. No one wants to give the bacteria a clear route to an entire family!