vaccine mandates protest

Promenade, Sea Point, Cape Town / Image via Wikimedia Commons

No to vaccine mandates? Protesters hold ‘freedom picnic’ to fight back

How do you “fight back” against getting vaccinated? Well, it seems you hold a “freedom picnic”. How else!?

vaccine mandates protest

Promenade, Sea Point, Cape Town / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Well, here’s a nice break from politicians harassing you to vote for their party and making all kinds of false promises. If by “break”, you mean another chance to scratch your head or sigh in disbelief. After making it their protest hot-spot over the last few months, the anti-vaxxers are back at the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town. This time, they’re there to voice their disagreement over vaccine mandates.

Hip hip hooray, picnic the vaccines away

After previous protests on the promenade brought out a couple of hundred people, it seems only a handful decided to turn up on Saturday for what organisers called “The Freedom Picnic”. Yes, it is absolutely as ludicrous as it sounds…

While the picnic certainly appeared to be peaceful, as you would imagine any “picnic” to be. There were reportedly at least 10 police vans on standby in case the crowds (not really) got up to no good.

According to those at the picnic, they are demanding that their freedom “remains intact”. And that they do not have to get their COVID-19 jab, as part of any vaccine mandates.

Mandates and picnics

Several universities and private companies in SA have said they will enforce mandates for their staff and students from next year. And it seems safety and science definitely do not fly with some people.

The “freedom picnic’ trend though? That seems to be an idea taken from Australian protests protesting their own lockdowns and vaccine rules.

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Here’s a great idea. Why not picnic and enjoy the great weather AND be vaccinated to protect yourself and others. That sounds like a great way to follow the facts and have a great festive season.

But hey, what do we (or the thousands of doctors and scientists all around the world) know…