penis plant

‘Tis the season: ‘Penis plant’ starts to bloom, makes history

Yes, you read that right. There is something called a penis plant. And it seems now is the time for it to bloom…

penis plant

After nearly 25 years. A penis plant has bloomed at a botanical garden in the Netherlands. And not just any old penis plant mind you. This one is 6-and-a-half-feet tall. So you know it’s the real deal.

Photo: Instagram @hortusleiden

Excuse me…What is a penis plant?

Amorphophallus decus-silvae, better known as the “penis plant” thanks to its, uhm, shape, has started to flower at the Hortus botanicus in Leiden. To make this plant even more special, aside from its name. It’s also known for smelling like rotting flesh while it’s in full bloom.

The plant is native to the humid rainforest of Indonesia. And requires the hottest and humid environments to grow.

From full bloom to…limp

The flower started blooming in the Netherlands last week, but by Friday, had already shriveled up. Once it was limp (probably like its nickname suggests) botanists were able to cut it open so visitors could get a closer look inside.

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Experts believe that this is only the third time in history that the plant has flowered in Europe. Clearly, that must mean the Europeans are just not that good at getting it up. But that’s a discussion for another day…

Take a look below at the video to see what a shriveled-up penis…uhm plant, looks like.